Is it Behavior Or Decorum To ask If you have Used In the Korean?

When understanding Korean, one of the primary of many verbs as discovered are muk-weil (??), or “to consume”. Given somebody consume usually all the time day-after-day, definitely this is an excellent verb to utilize as soon as you understand it, you’ll be able to tune in to they verbal every-where! However, may possibly not be used the way you consider it’s put.

Recently inside a discussion which have five Korean people, the topic of etiquette and you may ways emerged. We were discussing distinctions regarding west versus Korea. We lifted exactly how charming, even if strange in the beginning, it had been you to definitely Koreans consistently ask in the event the You will find drank assuming We react which i haven’t, usually dining turns up. Out of co-gurus so you’re able to nearest and dearest and you will colleagues to help you employers and so on, historically this has happened numerous times. I recently decided not to get over how wonderful Koreans would be to worry so much on the my everyday eating habits. In the us, a parent will get inquire children future household from school in the event the these are generally hungry otherwise a friend tend to ask a pal when the they’ve got ate because they must eat thus they truly are in hopes the solution isn’t any, but it’s never the fresh anticipate concern. When you look at the Korea but not, it’s.

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This new Korean females I found myself training after that began to discuss exactly how it noticed which because a practice and never ways while they do it without thought. It’s a whole lot more similar to, “exactly how could you be?” and the impulse, “I’m fine” though you’re not most okay, it informed me.

Truly, I did so discover in the past to just acquiesce and you may respond that have, “yes” since it are simpler than just entering a complete talk on as to why We had not eaten things in advance of I stumbled on works. In a way I had figured out that simply saying, “yes” aka “I am great” try Geek free dating the average code. Often, basically is actually starving and you may a good Korean coworker, buddy or any other perform ask regardless of if, I’d nonetheless say, “no” and see just what restaurants do started my personal ways. I’d often nevertheless react towards bad as it is actually true and still in some way the question off whether or not I’ve ate or not simply so unusual from time to time, such when I’ve simply have to have a job interview for good occupations. Why must a potential future manager worry when the I’ve eaten once the and you can are not there much more relevant inquiries to ask?

If people was basically speaking though, We remembered back into the puzzled and you may astonished confronts which i had see when i replied having “no”. My Korean talk people have been of course expecting us to state, “yes, You will find taken” and you can move ahead but I threw him or her a curve-ball and you may told you, “no”. It absolutely was instance replying that have, “Oh, I am dreadful. I simply unsuccessful a test and then got front side swiped of the an automible from the parking area and today I am late to own it meeting…” etc and stuff like that to help you an acquaintance who was merely becoming sincere from inside the inquiring as you sat within the a lobby together with her.

Are Koreans most asking if you’ve ingested?

Most likely not. When you fulfill a boss, teacher, acquaintance, friend otherwise numerous people, they will certainly probably inquire this out-of practice and absolutely nothing otherwise therefore the asked response is on how best to say, “yes”. But not, my husband states that doing buffet go out, your buddies may very well be asking if you have drank after which it’s just your decision to determine the proper response. But if you state, “no” and you’re maybe not hungry next say that you might be good afterwards thus there isn’t an embarrassing shuffle to acquire your restaurants regarding the wake.

Where did that it “habit” while the women told you, otherwise personalized, come from?

Following the battle throughout the 60s and you may seventies, restaurants is difficult to come by within the Korea and thus to inquire just how someone try was to ask in the event that they had eaten. While you are meals is a great deal more abundant these days, the question have handled importance as a way to ask just after someones well-are. And also this explains why the team of females I found myself chatting having felt like issue was a lot more of a habit for them.

Ideas on how to state it?

? ????? (Bap meogeoseoyo?) This is actually the basic means to fix say “do you eat?” and if you’re simply enlarge, the correct reaction would be ? ????. (Nae meogeoseoyo.) otherwise “sure, I consumed.”

To possess a top and respectful tone, you may state ??????? (Shiksa hashutsuyo?) or “maybe you have used?” and therefore the appropriate impulse might possibly be ? ???. (Nae haeseoyo.) otherwise “sure, We have drank.

Most other “to consume” associated sentences are:

? ????? (jal meokgesseumnida): “I can eat well”. This words is employed early in a meal and is actually brought toward person that wishing your meal or if you’re in a restaurant, it’s more or less targeted at the group within entire to help you state, “let’s enjoy the buffet” whilst claiming “I will eat better appreciate they,” to your individual that could be paying.

? ????? (jal meogeosseumnida): It actually setting, “We ate better.” This is exactly are not told you at the conclusion of a cake alternatively regarding “thank you so much” towards the person that try to find meal/dinner. You happen to be ultimately claiming thanks which the meals are delicious.

How to See Korean

Listed below are some these most other posts to your learning Korean, entertaining sentences you to split me personally right up each time I state them, which may be as the I love saying him or her, and laughing out loud.

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